Servers General purposes Galaxy server
Galaxy Prod 16.01
Soon Obsolete !!
new main Galaxy server
Genotoul-Sigenae Galaxy servers
Several new Galaxy servers will be available soon
  • a general purposes server
  • On demand training servers with dedicated contents, which are reseted between two training sessions

Access to these servers is still restricted to people having an account on Genotoul Bioinfo plateform.
Account Request is available here
Training servers have local accounts and quota. These machines can be reserved and configured via Sigenae email support.

Our Galaxy servers use the Genoutoul Bioinfo HPC cluster to submit jobs. User's CPU and work storage quota will be used.
For Galaxy's data, a special storage volume is provided, with a quota of 250GB per user.

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We apply the same rules as those on the Genotoul Bioinfo platform


Support is configured in Galaxy to send help requests to
You can use this email to reach us directly
For accounts problem contact Genotoul Bioinfo support first

  • 2021/11/25
    New Galaxy server up again, we can install new tools on demand
  • 2021/11/24
    Old Galaxy server is up again (not impacted by new cluster maintenance anymore)
    Slurm HPC cluster maintenance is done
    16:32 Checklist for new Galaxy server in progress, service soon available 18:30 Problem with job submission on dedicated Slurm partition, investigation in progress ...
  • 2021/11/19
    Remember: cluster maintenance from 22/11/2021 to 23/11/2021
    Galaxy services will be stopped on Saturday 11/20/2021
  • 2021/11/10
    Frogs 3.2.3 installed
    Nuclear Localization Sequence programs available
  • 2021/11/03
    Old Galaxy server will be available until end of 2021.
    Begining of 2022, no more computation will be possible on this server.
    It will be still available for few months to allow you to retrieve your data if needed (export of histories).
    You can to that by yourself, or we can do it via command line if you prefer.